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Handmade interactive Excel Christmas card

Hi all, and Happy Christmas!
I’ve received plenty of cards and chocolates at work this year and was wondering how to send my best wishes to the people I work or have worked with. This is how I came with the idea for a handmade interactive Christmas Card build in Excel.
Sound strange but check it out first:
Handmade Excel Christmas Card lights on

Excel was the perfect medium for my wishes as I send dozens of .xlsx files to my colleagues every day and try to present complex findings and trends in a simple and engaging manner.

For building the tree I used a X Y Scatter Chart with Smooth Lines. I gave values of the coordinates of all points so that they form a Christmas tree and linked the lights to the radio buttons using an OFFSET function in Excel.

You can download the file from here: Maggie’s Christmas Card

Hope you enjoyed the result and Happy Christmas!

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